About your custom orders...

With the Holidays fast approaching and those crazy days when everybody is supposed to buy all their Christmas gifts..... Whew, we are not participating in the madness of the online world. We are trying our best to stock our store with as many choices as possible for the next couple of months. We try to keep our prices in line, but please remember, all of our wallets are hand made, hand stitched, and one of a kind custom pieces. We do offer some less expensive items for those on a limited budget. 

In the meantime.... The request for custom pieces has skyrocketed. We will do our best to fulfill as many custom requests as possibe, but at some point we will not be able to guarantee your items will be ready for Christmas. We work on a first come first served basis, so if you have that certain glove that you want turned into wallets do so very soon before we have to put you on hold.

Purses and bags will be available on a limited basis. We have several in stock, but don't expect too many more additions before the holidays.

Thank you to all that have purchased items already, and we recommend you continue to do so to make sure you get the autograph names and styles you want. We only have four hands and cannot guarantee you will see another similar to what you saw and didn't purchase.  Again, thanks to all and let's make this baseball offseason a great one!

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