Are you a leather craftsman??? Would you like to sell what you make??

There are only two of us here at and both of us are disabled and simply cannot work any harder than we presently do. We are always on the lookout for Leather Crafts-persons that make and would like to sell their products.

At, we have spent considerable time, money, and effort to reach as many potential customers as possible. We would like to share our ability to reach out to large numbers of baseball and leather products customers so..... Let's help each other out!!!

If you are interested in selling your products to a large audience of baseball and leather lovers lets team up. Please contact me at 402-642-8191 or and we can discuss your products and your goals. 

Do you have the skills to make leather products? We might be able to help you get started in making fine baseball glove leather products as well as other vintage hand made leather goods. 

Volume is unimportant to us. If you make one item per month or one week, we are willing to consider working with you. If you would like to develop or try new and custom leather jobs, that is certainly a plus. The only thing we ask is that you do quality work and stand behind your work. Of course we all want to sell our blood sweat and tears products for a price that reflects the effort we put into our products. However, we have to consider what the customer and market are willing to pay for a one of of a kind unique items. If you are interested... let's talk.