Baseball Season is right around the corner! (we hope)

The weather is far from springlike here in Nebraska, but springtraining in the warmer climates is just around the corner. My son a former pro player will be off traveling around the country doing his job for the Cubs as a pro scout. If you attend any professional baseball venue, (minor league to big league), be sure and look for a good looking young man with the usual scout trappings, (gun, ipad, etc,), and say hello.

Meanwhile back on the frozen plains, we continue to handcraft as many vintage baseball glove products as we can. Since there is only two of us old geezers, sometimes our old beaten hands need a break, but you can be assured we will do our best to keep our online store shelves stocked.

One of the things we are going to try to provide on our site are other items that baseball fans might enjoy. We have expanded and  improved our pocket Coozie line to offer a wider variety of items. (We can't use the letter K in the word coozie as we were warned that spelling is a trademarked word and product.) If you want sometime a little different, please email or message us on Facebook and we will do our best to make whatever you need.

We continue to try and refine our purse / bag selection as well for our nicer looking customers. We do apologize for the steep price, but these purses take a alot of time to make. Please remember you are buying a one of a kind unque item as no two are alike. 

We are giving serious thought to providing MLB licensed items on our website as a convenience to our customers. We think we can offer Jerseys and other items at  very competitive price, but we are just in the investigation stage of that right now. Orginal t-shirts are also an option to involve our other younger family members that have creative minds.

As always, our main forcus will remain on handcrafting original and unique wallets in a variety of styles, colors, and time periods. We encourage all of our fans to check the site often as we try to list new items just as soon as they are completed. As always, we still do custom work for those of you that need a personal heirloom remade, or a personal player favorite we may not be getting to quick enough.

Once again, we thank all of our followers for your patronage, and hope the coming spring once again renews our lives with another season of baseball from the PeeWees to the Big leagues!!!!