Hand Crafted and Hand stitched

You often see us quoting that all of our wallets, purses and other items, are all hand crafted and hand stitched. What does that really mean anyway?

Hand crafted includes several things. We start by carefully disassembling an old glove one lace and one stitch at a time. Many of the gloves we use have some defect or problem that eliminates them from ever becoming collector gloves in the future. Rot, mildew, and host of other things that include the complete defacing of the glove with permanent marker keep most of these gloves headed for the garbage.

Somewhere, somehow, those gloves are saved for...... mostly sentimental reasons and end in the basement or as junk in the garage.

After disassembly, we condition the glove the best we can and through several pain-staking steps, we end up with a useable piece of old leather. We then try to visualize what direction the glove is taking us. Then we cut out pieces of the glove by hand and start to put together what we think will make a nice wallet.

Once the pieces are hand cut and trimmed, the layout of the wallet is complete, then the magic happens. Marcia begins the slow process of adding linings and backing to bring the leather pieces into a usable wallet. This involves more cutting and gluing to make sure all the parts will make a whole. She then punches all the holes for sewing by hand, keeping everything in line for stitching. Baseball stitches are used for both esthetic and structural integrity, and are done by hand, one-stitch-at-a-time. The final construction takes place with perimeter stiches again being threaded and pulled one stitch at a time.

The nearly finished piece is then final trimmed, sanded, and edged for a more finished leather look. After one last final pressing to insure shape, the wallet is ready for you the consumer.

Are all the stitches perfecting stitched in line like a machine? No... are there minor perfections in the leather?... Yes of course. What we create is a one of a kind, unique, completely hand made item of usable art. No two wallets are ever the same. We couldn't do that if we wanted to. 

So if you are looking for a super smooth diamond machine finish, you're in the wrong place. If you would like to a have a small piece of your childhood memory to carry everyday, that no one else in the world has..... we're your folks.

Remember, whenitwasagame.org products are made in the heartland of America, one at a time.... by old geezer artisans!!!

Proud to bring a piece of baseball history out of the garage and into your back pocket.  Thanks for your patronage!!!  God Bless America!!!

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