How do I get my questions answered?

Thanks to all those that have taken the time to read the blog posts and to leave comments. However, commenting on a blog post is not the way to get an answer to your question. To keep all the looney-tunes from leaving comments on the blogs, we have to approve all the comments that are left on the blog. Since these comments are just comments, we don't check the comments status often as we cannot respond to your comment, just approve or delete if you cannot be nice.

The BEST way to ask a question and get a reply is to message us via the message button available on the page. "message us" will get your questions to us right away and we normally get back to you very quickly. ( I do sleep at night ).

If you simply have a comment about what we have written in a blog, please feel free to do so and we'll try to check the comments more often.

If you are inquiring about a product, please use the message button, or learn more button, as those will get you to us as quickly as possible.

We will be glad to answer your questions and inquiries!