The look and feel of vintage glove wallets Part 1

On occasion we have had comments about the fit and finish of our vintage glove wallets and products. There are a few fans that expect our wallets to be designer finished with no flaws and perfect machine stitching. We hand cut our gloves into wallets... What does this mean? Each glove we use is evaluated for suitablility and condition to try and figure out what would work best with what we have. Lots of the gloves we use are scarred and defaced in many ways. Permanent ink name writing is the worst. Many gloves have the owners name written all over the glove in places that can't be missed. Almost all of the time, that writing cannot be removed, so we have to discard that defaced leather. There are times when personalized gloves can be used if the owner is the one that will be getting the wallet.

Many times we find parts or very old gloves that we can stitch together to make wallets and money clips. This is very true of gloves that were made in the early to mid 20th century. This old leather is wonderful, but often in smaller pieces. Look for darker patina leather from these wallets, but the look and feel of 70 to 90 year old glove leather cannot be replicated.

Getting back to hand cutting.... we simply cannot use patterns or stamps to cut or lay out our wallets as each glove is different. We have to create a new unique pattern each and every time we start a new wallet. Yes we use some basic designs again and again, but no two wallets are ever exactly the same. Some may looks similar, but please don't ask us to recreate your wallet to be "just like" one you have seen on our site.