The look and feel of vintage glove wallets... Part 2

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Let's finish this blog post up discussing just what and how we decide we are going to make a wallet, bag, or other baseball glove leather item.

We do not use templates in cutting out our wallets. Since each glove is different in size, design, and condition, we start by just sizing up what we have using our eyes and not a ruler. We try to stay within the parameters of what fits in your pocket, or the requirements of what you are wanting to carry.  If you have a very specific size that fits your pocket feel, please take a look at the measurements of the wallet your are interested in. We normally give the dimensions in the description of the item. Pictures help, but sometimes in our effort to show the items, the pictures sometimes distort the actual size.

Please don't forget we are always happy to build you a custom wallet for about the same price as the wallets we list. We always appreciate your input and ideas regarding our present or future products. If you have an idea you think could make our wallets or bags better, we welcome your comments.

One last thing... we are only human and we make mistakes. If something is wrong with your wallet... do not hesitate to contact us and we want all of our wallet owners to be satisfied. We do appreciate constructive comments. As always, thanks for being our customers, we love to do what we do and you all make it possible.