The wallets I want are always sold before I have a chance!?!?!?!

Regrettably ... many wallets we post are sold within a few hours. I know this disappoints many people. There is a way to avoid this problem! If you have your heart set on a certain player and a certain style, then I would suggest you spend the extra $20 and order the wallet product you really want. In most cases, (but not all), we can locate and build the wallet of your dreams.

We can normally fulfill your special custom order within 3-4 weeks and you can also have input into your wallet. Thread color and layout design are two areas where we welcome your input. Each wallet we make is unique and no two wallets are exactly the same, so to build an exact copy of a wallet you had previously seen is not possible. We consider ourselves to be creative artisans, so please trust that we will do our best to meet your expectations. You will not pay until the item is completed and you approve what we have done by the pictures we send you. You can then pay via our website just before we mail your wallet.

One last comment. Please remember we make more than wallets! We have a nice selection of purses, bags, and other similar items. We have custom designed and hand crafted many different purses and bags from baseball gloves. 

Thanks for all your support and kind comments, and please have a safe and enjoyable summer at your favorite park and diamond!!