What's new and what's the same

What's not new is that we continue to produce the finest baseball glove wallets on the market. Our wallets have more "baseball glove" character than our competitors and copy producers. You might see other glove wallets being advertised on Facebook and other channels as newer companies try to replicate our products.

We continue to hand craft and hand stitch all of our wallets. Each and every wallet has unique character making it one of a kind. We do continually review our processes to make sure we are making the best possible product on the market.

We use more real baseball glove leather than any of our competitors both inside and out of our wallets. We often hear... your wallets are thicker than my present wallet, That could be true as we use real glove leather that is thicker than the cheap imitation leather most wallets, even high end wallets, use. If the profile thickness is an important issue for you, try one of our older glove leather models. The older the leather, the stronger and thinner the leather tends to be.

The styles of wallets we use is constantly evolving because we find customers that want something just a little different. We do our best to innovate and customize our standard wallet styles to give our customers exactly what they want.

My sister and I design and build each wallet by hand right here in the heartland of the U.S. Since we do each wallet by hand, there are times when we run short of inventory of the most desired wallets. If you can't seem to snag the exact wallet you want, just contact us to custom order your wallet. For only about  $10-$15 more, you get priority to get your wallet done and to you ASAP.

Our wallets are not cheap, nor are they inexpensive! We use real baseball gloves and do every step of the production from tear apart to final finishing. You are buying a unique piece of art that comes from leather 50 to 100 years of age.

We do offer less expensive items like card wallets and money clips. Please remember that we put in hours and hours of blood sweat and tears into our babies before we turn them over to you for care.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe and please contact us with any questions or comments!!


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