What's Up?

Both of us here at whenitwasagame.org are always looking to improve our products and to offer our customers what they want.  We are constantly looking for better ways to build our products to make them more desirable for our fans. 

We have recently changed some hand stitching methods to give our products a more refined look. We will always strive to maintain the classic timely look of well worn and game used baseball glove leather.

We are often asked,"how much baseball leather is in your wallets?" Our answer is... just as much as we can use and still maintain a reasonable profile for everyday pocket use. Very old leather has a tougher and thinner quality that often enables us to use more glove leather and maintain a thinner profile. Newer leathers and gloves similar to catcher's mitts are often thicker due to the grade and thickness of the leather to used stand up to everyday game use. Leather is a wonderful product to use, but real leather has properties that at times cannot be overcome.

"Why do you hand punch and stitch your wallets?" We feel to keep the original flavor and toughness of a baseball glove, hand stitching is our only option. We use thick and strong thread to stitch with to ensure our stitches last as long as the glove leather.

We continue to add new products in hopes that our customers might enjoy them. Recently we have added a few bags and briefcase items we feel some fans might want. We currently have added three or four of the customized bags to our store, just to let our customers know what is available. Our new bags are a quality product with excellent construction that anyone can have customized in a variety of ways from laser etching to custom badges and or team logos. We also have available custom graphics for those of you interested in a unique and one of kind item at a reasonable price.

Stay tuned and check in frequently as we try to post new products weekly or as fast as our old hands can make them.

Oh yeah!!! Check out our expanded line of coozies!!!