Whats with the baseball caps??

Baseball has always used caps or hats during play. Mostly for protection and style in my opinion. Baseball caps were unique to the sport for many years, but eventually  boys decided that wearing caps like their favorite players were cool both on and off the baseball field. Men wore hats or fedoras to the games along with their suits, but relaxed dress acceptance eventually included big boys and men retaining their caps from earlier days of baseball that turned into a style of the working man today. In some parts of the country, caps are not only acceptable but a necessary part of a man's daily attire almost to the point of never taking it off.

As a result of this long standing trend of style and protection, caps are part of many person's lives.  Women are often seen wearing stylish caps these days as well.

As purveyors of old and traditionally historic baseball items, we decided why not offer our customers a traditional baseball head attire commemorating some of the most famous or infamous baseball players and their nicknames and or numbers.

We now offer different styles of caps with the snapback flatter bills being the most popular style of the day. If you don't see something you like, place an order and we would be glad to get whatever style you want.

We offer embroidered caps and caps with an engraved real leather patch stitched to the cap. Our most current offerings are very high quality caps and we are open to whatever our customers want. 

Be sure to checkout full selection in the Baseball Caps and Hats Collection. 

Are you really a baseball fan without a baseball cap????

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