Where does the time go?

When you're young, time seems to drag on and never move forward. When you're getting closer to the end of this life, the hours and the days race by you. This perfectly describes the both of us here at whenitwasagame.org. This spring was cold and it seemed baseball summer would never get here. Well here we are approaching the halfway point of the season.

Perhaps it's time to clear up some misconceptions for all of you that are interested in our baseball leather wallets. Baseball glove wallets are going to be thicker than any wallet you buy elsewhere. Original glove leather was made thicker to withstand the wear and tear of everyday baseball glove life. The exception to this is the very old gloves that were made of topgrade strong leather back in the day. You'll find that glove leather prior to WW2 and during that era are made from a different cut of leather that was thinner and much stronger than the leather used in the later post war era. IF thickness is a real issue for you, we sould suggest you stick to very old glove leather items.

We make a real attempt to reduce thickness by using real leather inside the wallet that is as thin as possible to help with the overall wallet thickness. Cowhide is normally thicker, so we use other real leathers like pig, sheep, and goat leather as linings and pockets to help keep the wallet at a manageable thickness. HOWEVER,  if thickness is not an issue for your wallet, please ask us to use all real glove leather throughout the wallet, which we will glady do this for you.

 Once again, our customers are some of the nicest people in the world you would want to meet. We do take our craftmanship seriously, but occasionally we slip up as we are only human. Please forgive our mistakes and let us know how we can fix your product to make you happy.

Our goal is to have 100% happy customers! We know that some buyers will have unrealistic expectations and will be disappointed so please let us know right away so we can "make it right" with you. It is very hard to accept a return three weeks after delivery because they are just not happy with the product or it is the wrong size or color.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! we are doing our best to keep our store stocked with products we think you will want and will enjoy.  Please remember, we are a small craft shop and are not going to hire offshore workers to make our product. We make a limited number of wallets and purses, so when you buy you can be assured that you have purchased a very limited custom item that are one of a kind.

Thank you... to all of you that have purchased our products, and we would love to see some pictures of your wallets, purses, coozies, or trays while being used or your personal story of why you love your product.

Hope to hear from you soon.... Thanks again, 

Les and Marcia...... your friends a whenitwasagame.org