Why can't you make a wallet just like mine?

We often have the question asked.... " just make it like the one I have now". The answer is most often, sorry but that is just physically impossible.

Most modern wallets, even the expensive real leather wallets are made from very thin leather or synthetic leather. The makers do this to save on the cost of materials and weight. All manufactured wallets are machine stitched with very fine and strong thread.

When making real authentic baseball glove wallets, the baseball leather is much thicker than the modern real or semi-real leather. Baseball gloves were made to last, at least they used to be made that way. The makers used real cowhide or horsehide to make sure that a glove would last not only a season, but often a lifetime of real baseball play. Yes the older glove makers used machine stitching, but the machines of time gone by are much different that today's sewing machines.

From the beginning we chose to make our baseball wallets and all of the other products by hand, which meant hand punching and hand stitching. Simply taking old glove leather and using modern leather manufacturing methods does not make the item a collectible classic. Just a few thoughts on why we do what we do.

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