Would you like to contact us? What are the best ways to talk or message us?

Often customers or soon to be customers have questions that need to be answered by a real person. Whether you have a question about a custom project, or just want to visit about how our products are made, rest assured we are easy to contact. Emails are always welcome, but in today's spammy email community, often emails are lost or never reach us due to the filters we all must use to survive 1,500 emails today for the latest Keto diet or male enhancement. But, if you must email, or want to comfirm a phone conversation. Our email is  lweber@binary.net

Most efficient communication routes:

1. Send a person message via our Facebook page. We check these very often.

2. Text us directly at 402-641-8191 and be sure to idenity yourself and why you are texting us. We answer those very rapidly as well.

3.  You are welcome to call and leave a message and we will return your call. The number again is 402-641-8191. Please be aware, I can't always return evening phone calls as I have MS and my day ends early.

4.  You may call 402-641-0081 and leave a message as well. The call will be returned the next day. This is a presonal line so be polite as the owner is a cranky disabled veteran.

We are always glad to talk to present, past, and future customers about whatever type of project you may have. We have created some pretty crazy stuff.

Thanks and we look to speaking with you soon!


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